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Hydraulic Powerpack Manufacturer

Hydraulic power packs are the heart of any hydraulic system. In these units pressure is achieved and oil is fed into a prime mover as per the flow rate required for the operating speed of the prime mover.

Hydraulic powerpacks manufactured by Vima are assembled incorporating pumps and valves of reputed
Pump motor assemblies are mostly vertically mounted on tank top and special
connecting housing is used to connect pump/motor. In case of dual pump system a low pressure pump is
coupled at extended shaft of the main pump.

All hydraulic valves are mounted on special manifold blocks such that pipings are reduced and the total
unit becomes compact. Oil tanks are fabricated out of MS sheets and are provided with various
accessories such as level gauges, drain plug, air breathers cum oil filler, baffle plate and temperature
gauge as required. Tanks with capacity more than 400 lts are provided with manhole with cover
and sloping bottom.

Hydraulic powerpacks of various sizes, capacities and applications operated unit or a 100 H.P. unit with
high end cartridge and proportional control valves, we have the capability and are confident to provide a
cost effective solution for any power pack applications. This confidence is a result of 35 years of
experience and using only reputed make hydraulic components.

The power packs are designed keeping in mind workability; excellent life and aesthetic look as well. A
very special feature of our power packs is that they are designed to utilize minimal power and therefore
are very efficient and low cost in the long run.
We have also developed special low noise power packs
using special oil immersed motors. These are specially used for hydraulic lifting systems and applications
where low noise level is highly desirable.


40 H.P. power unit with 5 H.P. auxillary unit (flameproof application)

80 H.P. power unit with 5 H.P. auxillary unit (flameproof application)

80 H.P. power unit with special loweing module for high speed press application

Silent powerpacks with special oil emmersed motor for Hydraulic Lift Application

40 H.P. Power unit

hydraulic powerpack manufacturer India

hydraulic powerpack manufacturer
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