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Compression Molding Press

Compression molding machines / rubber molding machines come in two column fabricated or 4-column tie-rod design, have integrated heaters as per required capacity.
Presses are available forvarious daylights and platen sizes as per requirements. Electrical controls suiting individual requirements include PLC and PID controllers can also be incorporated within the press.
Capacity 5-2000 Tons.

Salient Features of Compression Molding Press

Heavy duty single acting cylinders having extra long gun metal guide bushes and polyurethane type seals for longer life.
Specially designed electrical circuit to accommodate any drop in pressure.
Digital platen specific pressure indicator available as optional.
Daylight, heater capacity and no of platens as per individual requirements.

Note: Custom built presses as per individual size and load requirements can also be manufactured.
Compression Molding Press Manufacturer India
25 Tons Moulding Press

Table Size (mm) Capacity (Tons) Motor H.P.
300 x 300 mm
400 x 400 mm
600 x 600 mm
750 x 750 mm
12.5 + 1
1000 x 1000 mm
15 + 2
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2000 Tons Window type Moulding Press 100 Tons Fabricated Body Moulding Press 25 Tons 2-column type Moulding Press 150 Tons 4- column type Moulding Press Multiple Molding presses (150 Tons each)

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